Eicher Pro 3015 is set to revolutionize the commerical vehicle industry by creating all new 15 ton GVW segment in india. It will cater the needs of all those 16 ton customers who operate on rated load applications for inter-state transportation of goods.with a new generation higly fuel efficent engine and world class cabin, it offers state-of-the-art features, high level of comfort and safety along with superior overall prformance. eicher pro 3015 is going to set new benchmarks in perormance and profitablity


Eicher Pro 6025 is the Next Gen 25 ton GVW truck all set to redefine the trucking experience with its unmatched overall performance. Equipped with highly fuel efficient VEDX5, 4 cylinders, 5 litre CRS engine - designed in association with Volvo Group and a Next Gen cabin with state of the art features, Eicher Pro 6025 creates benchmark for performance, reliability and higher productivity and hence leading to higher profitability for its owner.


Eicher Pro 1075 is one of the most profitable product of the Eicher PRO philosophy.It offers best in class fuel mileage, faster trips and highest rated payload along with superior driving comfort. Its robust and rugged aggregated provide higher reliability and durability along with pegasus styled cabin that provides superior driving comfort.Aptly known as the Mileage Ka Baadshah, Eicher Pro 1075 ensures high profitability and prosperity for its owner.

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