ATC, rock free, power launch and smooth ascent. Four features that make it easy for you to get this truck where you want it to be – not just almost there. They also make driving a truck in extreme conditions simple, and something anyone can do. The Volvo FMX’s features and functions work like those you’ll find in a modern car, making this truck driveable without extensive training.


The cross-country cruise control or engine speed control function is an intelligent driver support feature – and an essential helpful tool when driving on rough and bumpy terrain, where it can be difficult to keep the accelerator pedal in a constant position at low speeds. By pressing the ESC switch, you “lock” the engine speed to either 600 rpm or the appropriate pre-set engine speed. This function is combined with a road speed limiter.


The Volvo FMX is developed with one goal in mind: to be the ultimate truck for rough terrain. Its chassis has been designed to withstand the most demanding of driving conditions. And it’s been built to carry the heaviest loads. The robustness of the Volvo FMX makes military logistics assignments easier, safer and more resource- and cost-effective. It’s easily adapted to suit an individual mission’s requirements, and laden with innovative features. Excellent ground clearance, purpose-built suspension for heavy loads and difficult terrain, and nodular iron axle castings complete the picture. The Volvo FMX is stable, comfortable, mobile and drivable.

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