Preparation and quality control goes a long way in the field. We use top-notch Swedish steel in the FH series frames, phosphate coated and powder painted. All of the painting is done prior to assembly – ensuring total coverage and no hidden rust traps. The chassis is maintenance-free, with no forgotten grease fittings. The reason for this? Outside of creating something that we’re proud to say is of real Volvo quality, it means low life-cycle costs for the owner and a lastingly efficient vehicle. Of course, both tractor and rigid variations of the FH-HET are available.


Equipped to deliver power and torque when moving heavy military equipment. The D16 engine can deliver up to 750 hp (552 KW) and up to 3,550 Nm and take GCWs of up to 325 tonnes. Many trucks can handle big, heavy loads. But when you need to transport a tank through challenging terrain with the maximum safety, efficiency and speed, you need the Volvo FH HET.


I-See records information about road typography and stores it in a central database. Free for other trucks to use. This information allows the truck to automatically react to gradients in order to avoid unnecessary gear changes. No maps or GPS required.

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